Trip sold out the troupe.

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Cindy McDonald

My newest crazy theory:

Trip sold out the troupe and got them all killed.

1) We know Trip is one of the only people In the books we have seen who has a natural magic, in the form of his knack.

2) What is that knack? He rolls 7's. 7 is, of course, the number of Chandrian.

3) He pushes more than any other troupe member to hear Arliden's song. When it is finally played in part at Ben/Kvothe's party it is mostly because Trip organized the troupe into a chant.

4) Kvothe never mentions seeing Trip's body, specifically. In fact, Trip's is the only tent that's on fire. Everything else is "normal" except for the bodies. Shandy is still laying by her fire with the potatoes cooking on it.

I think Kvothe will run into Trip again and he will be in the service of the Amyr or the Chandrian.
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